Adela Ramirez

Adela Ramirez
Teacher Preparation Support
Teacher Prep

Adela Ramirez was raised in Trenton, NJ and is a Trenton Central High School-West graduate. During high school, she was part of the Princeton University Preparatory Program, PUPP, Cohort of 2009. She later graduated Wesleyan University in 2013 with a major of Hispanic Literature and Culture.

Currently, Adela is part of the Teacher Preparation Support staff where she helps coordinate the High School Program, Teachers as Scholars, and Administrators as Scholars initiatives. Previously, Adela began working for the office of Teacher Preparation as the PUPP Alumni Fellow. She previously worked as an Assistant  Coordinator for FUTURO, a non-profit organization run by the Latin American Legal Defense and Education Fund.  She worked with Trenton Central High School Juniors and Seniors FUTURO members by helping them with college application, scholarship search, and organized events that provided knowledge about financial aid. As well as an Activity Specialist for Positive Impact at Grace A. Dunn Middle School, a non-profit program associated with The Children Home Society of NJ. As an Activity Specialist, she taught a Japanese Culture Class for 6th-8th grade students. She created lesson plans in which the students were able to learn and study the Japanese alphabet and culture. As a group leader in the program, Adela worked with other staff members in class management, activity preparation, and homework help.

Areas of Responsibility: 
High School Program
Teachers as Scholars
Administrators as Scholars