University Certificate

The University Certificate Level is designed for current Princeton University students and alumni who would like to earn a credential relevant to education, but who are not necessarily interested in seeking a state license to teach as well as for students who are working towards the State License (NJ CEAS) Level. The University certificate can can be earned by taking the first four program courses (PSY 307, TPP 301, TPP 403, and TPP 404).

Students are required to complete 50 hours of clinical work in schools prior to beginning the TPP 403 and TPP 404 student teaching courses. The required 50 clinical hours are completed  by fulfilling the requirements for the Introductory Practicum, PSY 307 Educational Psychology, and TPP 301 Seminar on Student Learning and Methods for Teaching. The TPP 403 and TPP 404 courses should be taken in the spring of senior year, but students may elect to return after graduation for additional semesters if they cannot schedule TPP 403 and TPP 404 during their senior year.

Upon earning the University Certificate, students who are then interested in earning their state teaching license will go on to complete TPP 405 and TPP 406.

Those interested in completing the University Certificate in Teacher Preparation and/or the State License (NJ CEAS) must meet the application requirements for admission to the Program in Teacher Preparation by first contacting the Teacher Preparation office for an initial interview with the director or program of staff member.