Financial Assistance

Financial aid does not continue after graduation, but students who received financial aid as undergraduates may be eligible for financial assistance for the ninth semester of practice teaching (TPP 405 and TPP 406). The amount of assistance will be based on the funds available through the Program in Teacher Preparation and will be calibrated according to the level of funding received as undergraduates.

The Lucas Scholarship covers tuition costs for students in the humanities who are pursuing the state CEAS license. The Overdeck  Family Foundation Scholarship funds are available to eligible students earning certification in
mathematics and the sciences.

The Henry Drewry Memorial Award is given each year to a student  in the humanities who exemplifies the values of the former Teacher Preparation director in regard to dedication to service and working for the benefit of others.

The Jerry and Marue Walizer Fund award is given to a candidate in the humanities who demonstrates an exceptional commitment to teaching.
Students who return to do program work after graduation are also eligible to apply for loans. Information about loan applications can be obtained from the Office of Undergraduate Financial Aid.