Program Offerings

Lindsay Clark Bartolone

Do you want to learn more about teaching and education? Are you interested in working in education related fields that do not require a license? Do you want to become a licensed teacher? Teacher Prep offers three program levels to accommodate a wide range of interests in education.

The program offers three levels, Introductory, University Certificate and State License (NJ CEAS), to Princeton University students and alumni to accommodate a wide range of interests in education.

The Introductory Level allows any current student at the University to deepen their knowledge of teaching, learning, and the nation’s schools by taking one or both of the program’s introductory courses: TPP 301 and PSY 307.

The University Certificate Level is designed for students as well as alumni who would like to earn a credential relevant to education, but who are not interested in seeking a state license to teach. Undergraduates may earn the University certificate by taking the first four program courses (PSY 307, TPP 301, TPP 403, and TPP 404).

For students' whose goal is to enter the teaching field with a teaching license, the State License (NJ CEAS) Level allows students and alumni to earn the NJ Certificate of Eligibility with Advanced Standing (NJ CEAS), the state’s initial teaching license. Students at this level must take  all the courses required for the Certificate Level and then return after graduation to complete the full-time student teaching courses (TPP 405 and TPP 406). The NJ CEAS can be transferred to most states through reciprocity agreements between those states and the State of New Jersey.

In addition, Teacher Prep offers an Urban Specialization track which allows students at all levels to tailor their coursework and school placements to focus on urban education.

Students are encouraged to apply early, during the freshman or sophomore year. Juniors and seniors may also apply to the program, but they should consult with a member of the program staff before submitting an application to ensure that all requirements can be met. Upon acceptance to the program, students are assigned a Teacher Prep advisor to guide the student in choosing their courses and completing the requirements for a teaching license. The program also offers a post- baccalaureate option for current graduate students and both undergraduate and graduate alumni. Financial assistance may also be available for qualified students.

Explore our website to learn more about our academic levels or contact Teacher Prep. Explore your future in teaching and/or other education-related fields, today!