Research-based Partnership

When teachers engage with researchers in field science, teachers learn how science is done.  This field-based experience prepares teachers to develop instruction and teach students how to do real and imaginative science as identified in the Next Generation Science Standards.

Bringing teacher volunteers together to gather observational data, as well as on many replicates of experiments, are important ways of engaging citizens in doing and understanding science, while providing researchers with valuable data.  

Teachers are involved in all aspects of a research project--from design, to field observations, to data analysis, to presentation--where the answer is not known, but when explored, will be an essential part of the researchers’ on going work.  

Teachers experience the NGSS Science Practices: asking questions, the development and use of physical and mathematical models, planning and carrying out investigations, analysis and interpret data, constructing explanations, engaging in argument from evidence, obtaining, evaluating and communicating information

Building a network of scientists and teachers across backgrounds, grades and districts is also a powerful result of this experience.


For further information please contact:
Anne Catena, Ed.D., Director, Professional Development Initiatives
Program in Teacher Preparation, Princeton University
41 William Street Princeton, NJ 08540, 609-258-3336