#1 Interdisciplinary STEM Research

November 14 and December 5,  2016 - 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Daniel J. Steinberg, Ph.D., Princeton Center for Complex Materials

How interdisciplinary science research really works at Princeton University:  MRSEC model. 

Most research today is collaborative and interdisciplinary and this seminar will focus on how interdisciplinary science and engineering research is conducted at a research center at Princeton University. We will provide an opportunity to gather insight into some science and engineering practices employed in modern research.  While teachers in New Jersey prepare to implement the Next Generation Science Standards, it is imperative to develop an understanding of how science and engineering practices are used in a real research center and how this is helpful for students to fully understand the core ideas in all STEM.   The National Science Foundation funded Princeton Center for Complex Materials has three interdisciplinary research groups on the cutting edge of science, engineering and technology to benefit society.  It has a mission to “advance discovery and understanding while promoting teaching, training, and learning.”

Teachers will meet and have discussions with professors in engineering, physics and chemistry and materials science, ethics in science.  Tours of research labs and facilities will be included. We will converse about all aspects of interdisciplinary research from proposal stage to final product.