Professional Development for Teachers

Curiosity and exploration lie at the heart of scientific inquiry. One of the great accomplishments of the numerous professional development initiatives offered by the Program in Teacher Preparation has been their success at igniting the inquisitive minds of teachers, thus enabling them to enter their classrooms with renewed enthusiasm for science.

—Jorge L. Sarmiento, George J. Magee Professor of Geosciences and Geological Engineering AOS Program


The Program in Teacher Preparation provides a number of outreach initiatives for local teachers and schools, and information on each can be accessed through the links provided below.


The QUEST program is an inquiry-based summer institute for math and science teachers at all grade levels.

Teacher as Scholars

The Teachers as Scholars program provides scholarly and intellectually engaging seminars for area teachers on a wide variety of topics and content areas.

Administrators as Scholars

The Administrators as Scholars program provides a scholarly and intellectually engaging seminar for school administrators from the Teachers as Scholars partnership schools.

Research-based Partnerships Archive

Field-based experiences prepare teachers to develop instruction and teach students how to do real and imaginative science as identified in the Next Generation Science Standards by engaging them with researchers in field science.

New Jersey STEM Innovation Fellowship

The New Jersey STEM Innovation Fellowship is a K-5 teacher-leadership program developed by Math for America (MƒA), a nationally recognized STEM education nonprofit, with Teacher Prep at Princeton University, Montclair University and Rowan University.