Mining for the Climate- Administrators As Scholars

March 6, 2024

Register for Administrators as Scholars seminar, "Mining for the Climate: Voices of Justice," for an in-depth conversation with Dr. Nathaniel Otjen on Blue Lab's production, Mining for the Climate. This seminar locates the growth of domestic mining within the contexts of climate adaptation policies, green capitalism, and colonialism, and makes the case that climate justice must consider the communities impacted by mines.

A production of Blue Lab, an environmental research and storytelling group at Princeton, Mining for the Climate explores the impacts of critical mineral mining on local communities and ecosystems. The project emphasizes the voices and perspectives of frontline communities, bringing climate justice stories about the impacts of critical mineral mining to wider publics. Working closely with local communities, we consider how new and old forms of mining are fueling the energy transition and what the consequences are of a more mining-dependent society on humans, other beings and the climate.

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For a more interactive listening experience, please visit the project’s webpage where you can access photographs, documents, videos, and transcripts for each episode. To read more about Blue Lab and the environmental story projects the lab is developing and supporting, please visit the lab’s website.