NJ Warming Climate: Climate Change Workshop

May 12, 2023

Dr. Jessica Monaghan, Assistant Director of STEM, joined the New Jersey Warming Climate: Climate Change Workshop hosted by Rutgers University CMSCE to present her interdisciplinary "glocal" (global-local connection) civic engagement project which served as a prompt for discussion about integrating climate change education in all classrooms. The workshop session was developed in collaboration with History Professor Elaine Lafay who provided the historical context of climate change- past indicators of change in climate, inequities, and what we can learn from communities of the past. They highlighted solution-oriented thinking, reasons for hope, and the benefits of intergenerational conversations to leverage community change. The workshop was developed to prepare local teachers as New Jersey recently became the first state to mandate climate change education in public schools, an initiative pioneered by Tammy Murphy, who was in attendance. This summer, Teacher Prep will continue these efforts on climate change education by offering professional development for local teachers through QUEST, which includes two weeklong units related to climate change and energy justice in partnership with University faculty and staff at PPPL and HMEI.