Nomination Process

To begin the process of nomination of the Princeton Prize for Distinguished Secondary School Teaching please download and print the Nomination Packet .

  1. DTA Nomination form (found in the packet) signed by the superintendent, principal, or head of school.  Please note that a nominee must be assigned to classroom teaching in grades 7 – 12 for at least three-fifths time, and teachers may not nominate themselves.
  2.  A letter of support written by the nominator or by a designee.  The nominator may request that the letter of support be written by the administrator or department head who can best attest to the nominee’s work.  Please note that the letter of nomination is most useful when, rather than repeating information from the nominee’s resume, it describes specifically how the nominee’s work reflects the Princeton Prize for Distinguished Secondary School Teaching Commitee's selection criteria (found in the packet)
  3.  Nominee’s resume of no more than two pages.
  4.  A letter of support from one other colleague of the nominee. We urge that the letter of support describe in detail how the nominee’s exceptional qualities and performance have contributed to teaching and learning in the school setting as well as in the larger community.
  5. Letters of support from two students whom the nominee has taught within the last five years (2012 - 2017). Students are asked to identify the grade level in which they are currently enrolled and to indicate when and in which class(es) they were taught by this teacher.  Students’ letters are particularly helpful when they contain specific examples of the impact that the teacher’s work had on them as individuals and on their classmates. Examples of past student letters can be found in the packet.
  6. A personal statement of no more than two pages from the nominee that will provide the selection committee with a sense of that person’s perspective on his/her work.  In this statement, the nominee should describe an important episode in his/her teaching career and discuss its significance to the student(s) involved, to the school community, and to the nominee’s teaching career.
  7.  The nominee’s complete teaching schedule in the event of a classroom observation.

We are unable to accept or consider any materials other than those described.  Please  postmark the original dossier and two copies by December 4th, 2017 (no late or electronic submissions will be accepted) to:

Dr. Todd Kent, Director Program in Teacher Preparation Princeton University 41 William Street Princeton, NJ 08540

Questions should be directed to Dr. Kent’s office, (609) 258-3336.