Program Costs

All students who received financial aid as undergraduates are eligible for financial assistance for the ninth semester practice teaching option.  The amount of assistance will be based on the funds available through the Program in Teacher Preparation and will be calibrated according to the level of funding received as undergraduates. 

Special incentive funds are available to all students earning certification in mathematics or the sciences, regardless of their financial aid status as undergraduates.  These funds must be used to help cover the costs of tuition, room and board, and the application fee for New Jersey teacher certification.  In addition, students receive some funding to purchase instructional materials and supplies used during their practice teaching.

Students are also eligible to apply for loans for the ninth semester.  Information about loan applications can be obtained from the Office of Undergraduate Financial Aid.

Non-US Citizens and Non-Residents of the United States International students who are not permanent residents of the United States may enroll in the Program but they cannot receive teacher certification. According to federal law, all non-US citizens wishing to obtain certification must sign an affidavit of intent to become citizens within five years. Holders of temporary visas are not permitted to make that pledge. Once all of the Program in Teacher Preparation requirements have been met and a green card obtained, international students are eligible for certification. Contact [email protected] with any questions.

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