Welcome to the great Class of 2023!!

We would like you to meet Teacher Prep’s student teachers for the fall semester.  These remarkable students exemplify the University’s commitment to service through teaching.  For the next 12 weeks they will be in local schools developing their teaching skills under the guidance of a host teacher and Teacher Prep staff. 

They are: [left to right in back row] James Boyd ’19 (social studies), Karen Zhang ’19 (mathematics), Anna Leader ’18 (English), Hannah Paynter ’19 (social studies), Emma Latham ’18 (biology), Ryan Herbert *19 (biology), [left to right in front row] Angela Kim ’19 (social studies), Lucina Schwartz ’19 (English), and Jessica Saint-Ulysse ’19 (English). 

If a career in teaching or education interests you, please contact the Program at tprep@princeton.edu.