TPP alumni mentoring recent TPP novice teachers

Mariel van Landingham will support Anna Leader

  • Mariel van Landingham ’16 began teaching English in the fall of 2017 at Millburn HS (affluent and distinguished district).  She was an English major.
  • Anna Leader ’18 completed student teaching in Princeton HS this past fall semester. She is from Luxemburg and also has US citizenship.  Anna was a comp lit major. 

Nolis Arkoulakis will support Joselle Lamoutte

  • Nolis Arkoulakis ’88 teaches Latin at Princeton HS.  He earned his teaching certification in fall of 2015 and is a plastic surgeon.
  • Joselle Lamoutte ’01 student taught Spanish in Princeton HS during the fall 2018 semester.  She is teaching Spanish part time at the Lawrenceville School.  Joselle has worked as a linguist for the FBI.

Sean Hammer will support Ryan Herbert

  • Sean Hammer ’08 has been teaching biology at Ewing HS.  He also has earned a Master degree in global health and designed an interdisciplinary unit on race and cancer.  He is a Student Council Advisor, 2014 Teacher of the Year, and serves on many school committees.
  • Ryan Herbert earned a Master degree in EEB in 2019.  He completed student teaching in Montgomery HS this past fall semester and was immediately offered employment in East Brunswick teaching grade 9 biology.

Margaret Wang will support Elisa Steel, Anna Maritz and James Boyd

  • Margaret Wang ’14 was an Urban specialization student when at TPP.  She was an East Asian Studies major who after TPP certification taught internationally at the Riffa Views International School in Bahrain.  She student taught in John Witherspoon MS.
  • James Boyd  ’19 was a Classics major who student taught Social Studies at John Witherspoon MS in the fall 2019 semester.  He plans to teach at a religiously affiliated school that his parents founded in California.
  • Anna Maritz ’18 was a Religion major who student taught SS Fall 2018 in Trenton HS.  She is now teaching SS at Lighthouse Charter Middle School in Oakland, CA.
  • Elisa Steele ’17 was a Woodrow Wilson major who student taught SS Fall 2018 in Trenton HS.  She is  teaching SS in an Uncommon School - Leadership Prep Brownsville Middle Academy in Brooklyn, NY