Teacher Prep Welcomes Dr. Ashley Taylor Jaffee

Oct. 7, 2021

Dr. Ashley Taylor Jaffee has joined the Program in Teacher Preparation staff as Assistant Director for Social Studies.

Ashley will be teaching in the program’s seminars and supervising student teachers. She will also administer the Teachers as Scholars program, which provides the opportunity for area teachers to participate in day-long seminars led by Princeton faculty.

Ashley taught middle and high school social studies in Puerto Rico, received her Ph.D. from Columbia University’s Teacher College, and was previously an education professor at James Madison University (JMU). While at JMU, Ashley taught a wide range of courses, chaired the College of Education’s Diversity Council, and conducted several lines of research which included a study on microaggressions and bias in P-12 schools and another on how immigrant youth conceptualize and experience the teaching of social studies. Her ultimate goal in teacher preparation is to catalyze pre-service teachers to reflect and act on how they can make a change in the world. What she values above all else, is the relationships she develops with her students.

Outside of Ashley’s professional pursuits, she loves spending time with her family, reading, listening to music, and enjoying the outdoors.