Teacher Prep welcomes Denise Massari

Teacher Prep welcomes Denise Massari who joined the staff this semester as Assistant Director for World Languages!   Denise will be advising all students interested in teaching world languages and will be developing a new certificate in English as a Second Language.  She will assist teaching in the program’s seminars, and will be supervising world language students during their student teaching semesters.

Denise earned her bachelor’s degree from Dartmouth College in Romance Languages, and she has a master’s degree from Yale in Urban Education with a concentration in Spanish Language. Denise also earned her sixth year degree in Education Leadership. She has served as a Spanish teacher and sports coach (in field hockey, basketball, and softball) for more than 20 years in private, parochial, and public schools.   Most recently Denise served for seven years as the District Coordinator for World Language, Dual Language, and ESOL (English to Speakers of Other Languages) in a public school system in Connecticut.   She developed a K-5 two way dual language immersion program in that district, and the program she created currently serves more than 200 students.

Denise is mom to a wonderful, clever and almost 10-year-old son, the proud wife of a high school English teacher and avid trail runner, and owner of two furry dogs.  Denise plans to pursue a doctorate in applied linguistics in the upcoming years.