Congratulations Dr. Carson on 20 years of QUEST!

For the past 20 years, Dr. Steve Carson has helped to develop over 250 teachers’ understanding of Earth Science content and science practices through multiple QUEST units regarding Weather, Humans’ affects on local Climate, Life and Chemistry in the Ocean, and Climate & the Ocean. 

QUEST teachers who have the honor of working with Dr. Carson comment,

  • “Steve is very engaging and responsive.  He is very helpful in developing, understanding and clarifying ideas which have helped me to reflect and deepen my practice.”
  • “Steve was a (QUEST) highlight for his enthusiasm, his expert content knowledge and his style of teaching.  I’ve clarified many misconceptions and now have a good foundation for understanding all sorts of energy issues.  I didn’t want it (QUEST) to end.”
  • “I learned a lot of science because of Steve’s endless knowledge and I have more confidence to research topics further on my own. He has inspired me.”

Dr. Carson’s knowledge of Earth Science content is extraordinary. As a former researcher at the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory, Steve fully understands the importance of scientific research and the need to communicate those findings with the public and with educators. 

With the benefit of 20 years of generous financial support from the National Science Foundation, and Princeton’s Department of Geosciences, the Program in Atmospheric and Oceanic Science and the Cooperative Institute for Climate Sciences, Steve partners with Princeton professors through QUEST to disseminate current research to the public.

His collegial interactions co-teaching QUEST with professors and Princeton University staff, include Andy Bocarsly, Jorge Sarmiento, Michael Bender, David Medvigy and Danielle Schmitt

Steve is currently a middle school science teacher in the Princeton Public Schools and brings instructional expertise to QUEST as well.  He is eager to learn with educators to ultimately benefit multitudes of students. 

Steve’s outstanding content knowledge, instructional talents and his ability to inspire other educators has made a huge impact on QUEST, to our mutual successes. 

Congratulations Steve on our 20 year partnership through QUEST!