April 27th, 4:30 PM, McCosh 28: Conversation about Prison, Education, and the Disruption of "Normative Time"

The next iteration of "The Prison and the Academy" will take place on Thursday April 27th at 4.30pm in McCosh 28. This bi-annual event brings together a distinguished group of speakers with diverse experiences of teaching in detention facilities and expertise in research on mass incarceration to participate in an afternoon panel discussion.

This spring we will examine the relationship between prison education and the disruption of "normative" time. What does belated access to resources, like a college education, mean, both practically and epistemologically? How do prison education programs function to re-order the disruption that incarceration entails? What possibilities, if any, might disruption offer for incarcerated students? 

Anna Aizer is an Associate Professor of Economics & Public Policy at Brown University and author of numerous articles on poverty, public programs, child well-being, and the consequences of juvenile incarceration. 

Eli Meyerhoff teaches in Duke University's International Comparative Studies Program. He is currently working on a book, titled Against the Romance of Education: A Political Theory of Study, and he collaborates on Abolition: A Journal of Insurgent Politics. 

Heath Pearson is a PhD candidate in the Anthropology Department and the Department of African American Studies at Princeton. His ethnographic fieldwork looks at the historical changes to identity, perception, memory, and apparatuses of local governance around rural prison facilities on the East Coast.  

Winette Saunders is the Deputy Commissioner of Youthful Offender and Young Adult Programming for the NYC Department of Corrections where she leads the adolescent and young adult strategic plans and manages the development and operation of reentry efforts. 

Please join us in what is sure to be an interesting & exciting conversation. After brief talks by the panelists there will be a Q&A, followed by a reception.