2018-19 Teaching Certificates

Eleven Princeton University students and alumni have earned the Program in Teacher Preparation certificate during the 2018-19 academic year and have chosen to be in “the nation’s service and the service of humanity” through teaching.   Earning the Teacher Prep certificate and the optional state license is rigorous but rewarding work.  “Although teaching is challenging in so many ways I had not predicted, it is amazing to work with young people every day,” said Sophia Alvarez ’18.  Todd Kent, the program’s director, commented, “We had an incredibly talented cohort of student teachers this year, and they are taking jobs in public schools, charter schools, independent schools, and non-profits.   As we complete our 50th year as a program, I could not be prouder of our graduates.”

  • Sophia Alvarez ’18 - Social Studies
  • Kristin Hauge '18 - Music
  • Joselle Lamoutte '01 - World Language
  • David Luo '18 - Math
  • Anna Maritz '18 - Social Studies
  • Ally Markovich '17 - English
  • Andrew Nelson '16 - English
  • Chris Sosa, Ph.D. '17 - Physics and Chemistry
  • Laura Srivichitranond '17 - Chemistry
  • Elisa Steele '17 - Social Studies
  • Natalie Tung '18 - English

Fall 2018 Cohort

Spring 2019 Cohort