Cindy Assini '04

Member of the TPP Alumni Council
Cindy Assini '04 is currently the Social Studies Supervisor in Hillsborough, New Jersey. She formerly taught eighth grade social studies, which included US history from its beginnings through the Civil War, in Flemington, NJ. In addition, she co-taught one section of social studies with a special education teacher. She has also served as a team leader, tutored students in a before school program and advised the Environmental Club.
Cindy enjoys teaching because she likes connecting with students and working in an atmosphere where there is so much variety on a daily basis. While the challenges can feel frustrating and overwhelming, the successes she has experienced bring meaning to her professional life. Sometimes, teaching feels like going through the spin cycle of a washing machine; she stores up the good moments to smile and feels like she is soaring.
Ms. Assini has learned much since she began teaching, both about herself and the craft. Her biggest lesson has been to consider the unique aspects of the thousands of interactions we have per week, but to remember that the golden rule of treat others how you would like to be treated applies in all of them. While she is thankful for all the education-maximizing and time-saving tricks she has developed, the best teaching and learning happens through a relationship and that is hard to write into a lesson plan.
Cindy has collaborated with TPP by attending events, working on a project about the social studies standards and speaking to upcoming student teachers. A connection with TPP has giving her the opportunity to reflect on issues ranging from staying motivated to being inclusive of my LGBTQ students or families. Completing her Masters at TCNJ in education leadership improved her teaching and broadened her perspective on the operations of both the school and district.
In September 2014, Anderw and Cindy Assini hosted a teacher from Humboldt University in Berlin Germany.
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