Brenaea Fairchild '16

Recipient of the Henry N. Drewry Memorial Fund.

Teacher Prep (TPP) has been such a blessing to me. The Henry N. Drewry Memorial Fund in particular gave me the opportunity to complete my student teaching without financial stress. Without it, I would have had to work and I wouldn't have been able to complete the program for probably several years. Receiving this award meant that I could continue on serving Trenton through B-Fair Tutoring, the company I founded as a sophomore at Princeton, while also gaining invaluable experience as a student teacher in Ewing and Princeton. While this award was given to me directly, it has and will continue to impact so many more. The students in my practicum classrooms benefited from me being able to wholeheartedly focus on teaching, because I did not have to worry about my financial obligations. Additionally, I was able to continue to support my partners in Trenton at affordable rates, and moving forward all the students that I serve- directly and indirectly- will benefit from my growth as an educator in TPP.

One of the most life-changing experiences for me was the course TPP 301. Once per week, an educational professional would come in and tell us about their work, their career over time, field question, and give advice to us aspiring educators. Though late at night, it was always a really fruitful time. It was actually during one of these seminars that I met the CEO of the first organization that would take the leap to contract B-Fair Tutoring. This is a relationship that has now continued on for several years and positively impacted over one hundred students. This seminar provided me with people connections, technology tools, and a foundation for my educational philosophy.

Since, graduating from TPP, I have been working as the Executive Director of B-Fair Tutoring, providing affordable, quality education to students in Mercer County.  We work with aspiring college educators from local universities and partner them with families, schools, and community organizations from a variety of backgrounds to impact education in a way that supplements what students are learning in their classrooms. When I’m not working outside the home, I spend a lot of time with my 2-year old son, Justice. I teach him things like the alphabet, while he teaches me about life :).

If you are thinking of joining Teacher Prep, I highly recommend that you come in and discover how great the program really is. The community of professors and staff are remarkably knowledgeable and supportive throughout the entire process.

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