Angela Bardes '10

"If I can inspire at least one student a year to do his/her best in the face of incredible challenges, then I have made all the difference."
Pam McGowen '20
Alice Xu '20

Angela initially became interested in teaching through her work with the Princeton University Preparatory Program (PUPP) during the summers of 2008, 2009, and 2010. After graduating from Princeton in 2010 with an A.B. in Comparative Literature, Angela spent a semester student teaching 11th and 12th grade English at Trenton High School West Campus in Trenton, NJ. She then moved to Boston, MA, to participate in the Boston Teacher Residency. During the 2011–2012 school year in Boston, she earned her Master’s degree in Education and three secondary teaching licenses (English, English as a Second Language, and Special Education) while completing a yearlong teaching residency in English language arts. She also spent the summer of 2012 earning Level 1 certification in the Wilson Reading System while tutoring three elementary school students with severe reading disabilities. Angela worked full-time at Boston’s only technical vocational high school for two years (from 2012–2014) as an ESL teacher for students with special needs before returning to New Jersey to continue her teaching career.

Her experience working with PUPP during her undergraduate years, followed by her experience teaching in Trenton and Boston, showed her the reality of what students are offered in low-performing urban schools and the possible success for those students when provided the proper enrichment and support. Staying connected to her roots working with low-income students, Angela has been the Senior Writing Instructor for PUPP since the summer of 2015, guiding rising high school seniors through the essay-writing portion of their college applications.

Since September 2014, Angela has been an English teacher at Millburn High School in Millburn, NJ. She has co-written curricula for multiple courses, including a postcolonial literature class and an English senior seminar focused on social justice issues through literature. Her experience writing and teaching the social justice literature course for high school seniors became the basis for her doctoral dissertation, a teacher action research study examining her experience teaching privileged students about social justice issues and how those students experienced the course. Angela graduated from the Rutgers Graduate School of Education with an EdD in Education, Culture, and Society in January 2023, and her dissertation is available via ProQuest and Google Scholar.

Angela is currently an active member of the TPP Alumni Council, working to improve communication and collaboration between alumni and helping in recruitment efforts. She has also acted as a mentor for TPP graduates as they begin their teaching careers.

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