Teaching Resources

Looking for some great online teaching resources?

Here is a listing of Teacher Prep alum highly recommended sites:

  • General Technology Resources Quizlet is a website of accessible educational quizzes from all subject areas, useful for teachers and students.

  • Classroom Dojo is an online resource for behavior management usable by teachers and students.

  • Socrative is a smart response system for students in the classroom presenting exercises and games usable through laptops, smart phones, and tablets. Also great for feedback (exit tickets) and class work (thesis statements/short answer).

  • LiveBinder is an online organizational tool for students’ educational resources and files.

  • Symbaloo is a customizable internet desktop to which any links can be added for easy organization and access.

  • Blendspace is a resource for teachers to create their own lesson plans quickly.

  • RubiStar is a resource to create grading rubrics for any purpose.

  • More tools for Creating Rubrics: http://www.teach-nology.com/, http://landmark-project.com/index.php

  • Prezi is a tool to create dynamic presentations with videos and images a fluid, engaging manner.

  • A list of ten online tools to create online quizzes and polls for students.

  • Cicero Systems, a division of the American Institute for History Education, is a guide to e-textbooks and digital technology for the classroom.

  • Wikipedia is the world’s largest free online encyclopedia, an excellent if not perfectly reliable source of educational material.

  • Wikisource, powered by Wikipedia, is a free online general content library with extensive access to scholarly texts and sources.

  • Google Scholar is a search engine for academic texts and journals of any subject, also useful for finding sources by citation.

  • Brightstorm on YouTube as a resource for review videos and homework help in every subject. Includes videos of classroom lessons in chemistry, precalculus, and physics, as well as videos that give examples of math problems and how to solve them.

  • PBS.org as a classroom resource.

  • ShareMyLesson as a resource for worksheets, graphic organizers, and other classroom materials.

  • Pinterest as a source of graphic organizers and other basic education tools that can be applied to high school.

  • Edmodo to foster communication between teachers and students and provide a base for all classroom activities.

  • The New York Times to inform students about the world and provide potential ideas for projects.

  • Newsela “Translates” current events into grade appropriate vocabulary and text.

  • Grade level reading ranges are identified by Lexile measures.  Descriptive information is appropriate for norm-referenced interpretations only.