Zak Flowerman '12

Zak Flowerman

After graduating from Princeton in 2012 with a classics degree and certificate in teacher preparation, I spent one year teaching at Eton College in Windsor England through the Annenberg Fellowship. While there, I had the opportunity to teach 8th and 9th grade Latin (F and E Block) for all three "halves" and trimester long courses for 11th, and 12th grade (C and B Block) on current events, the history of American Sport(s), Conversational Latin, and Alexander the Great, as well as prepare four students for their Oxford and Cambridge interviews. After an excellent experience teaching in a fifteen member Classics department at a six-hundred-year-old school, I moved on to my current position as part of a three person classics department at a sixty-five-year-old school.

My current school is St. John's School in Houston, TX; a non-denominational private school with exceptional academics and very good sports. As one of two middle school Latin teachers (the other has a PhD. in Classics from Columbia University) I am part of a program that has won the TSJCL (Texas State Junior Classical League) State Championship for the past 10 years running. In addition to teaching, I coach the 8th grade football team (8-0 this year) and the middle school wrestling team (undefeated for the past two years, defending state champions) and assist with upper school sports as well. Finally, I am a member in good standing and 1st XV player for HARC, the Houston Athletic Rugby Club- the only division 1 rugby team in Houston.

The moments when I reflect back most on my TPP experience are during professional development and teacher meeting times. Frequently, an administrator or outside person giving a talk will mention a piece of "Jargon" which many/most other teachers will not understand and need to explain concepts like backwards design and various types of informal assessments. Thanks to everything I learned at Teacher Prep, I am able to be an active participant in these meetings and often find myself appointed as a leader during small group work during teacher training days.