Thomas Maltbaek '11

Students deserve someone who is dedicated and passionate.

Since graduating from Teacher Prep, I have been teaching math for one year at Princeton Academy and two years at Cristo Rey Sacramento, California. I am currently teaching Geometry Honors, Algebra 2, and Algebra 2 Honors at Cristo Rey High School in Sacramento. 9th, 10th, and 11th graders. It is a private, Catholic school for low-income students (they pay for their tuition by going to work at an internship one day a week). It feels great to be teaching math, especially the content I'm teaching. We're doing a lot of challenging geometry problems and solving some interesting real-world problems on the graphing calculator. 

As a teacher, I've learned to try to think positively when interacting with my students. I try to display a glass-half-full kind of mentality. Regarding professional development, I attended a conference in San Francisco called "Creating Balance," where I learned how to tie social justice issues into math lessons. 

My leadership roles have included coaching cross country and soccer. In cross country, my team won their league, and in soccer, we made the section semi-finals. 

My awesome colleagues help keep me motivated, as does the challenge of teaching complicated concepts, and of course the students deserve someone who is dedicated and passionate.