Kanoa Mulling '15

Kanoa Mulling ’15 is currently teaching EFL and English literature classes at Payap University in Chiang Mai, Thailand through a Princeton in Asia fellowship. Now in his second term, he has enjoyed developing his own Modern American Literature, including a range of texts and authors. He also assists with spelling bees, poetry recitation competitions and other student activities. He will continue teaching at Payap through May 2018. In addition to classroom teaching, Kanoa also tutors SAT, SATII, ACT, and AP students in many subjects, focusing on math.

Zak Flowerman '12

After graduating from Princeton in 2012 with a classics degree and certificate in teacher preparation, I spent one year teaching at Eton College in Windsor England through the Annenberg Fellowship. While there, I had the opportunity to teach 8th and 9th grade Latin (F and E Block) for all three "halves" and trimester long courses for 11th, and 12th grade (C and B Block) on current events, the history of American Sport(s), Conversational Latin, and Alexander the Great, as well as prepare four students for their Oxford and Cambridge interviews.

Andrea Francis '11

After completing student teaching with TPP, Andrea began her career as a Special Educator at North Star Academy Charter Middle School in Newark, NJ. Andrea served as the Special Education Services Coordinator, Department Chair, and Instructional Leader from March 2013-June 2016, in addition to serving as a Special Education teacher (5th-8th resource room and in-class support) from February 2012-June 2016.

Emi Nakamura '13

My favorite memory of my time at Teacher Prep was when I conducted my final orchestra concert at West Windsor-Plainsboro High School North as my unit for student teaching. I composed a 10-minute rhapsody specifically for the orchestra to premiere, and it was a rewarding collaboration opportunity to not only practice my teaching skills but also to share my gift in music composition. Since graduating TPP, I spent the first summer (2014) in Seattle interning at the Seattle Children's Theatre as a music directing intern.

Taylor Numan Sabky '09

After graduating in 2009, I took a round-about path back to the profession of education, including a brief stint as an au pair for a family in Spain and a 3-year stretch as human resources specialist in Silicon Valley, before ultimately finding my way back to a school setting, in Boston. I first teamed up with nonprofit Scholar Athletes, founded in Boston and dedicated to providing academic support through athletic participation.

Kwame Ivery '93

After graduating from TPP in June 2012, I was hired to teach English at Collingswood High School, a public school in South Jersey. I’m currently in my second year as a teacher and now more than ever I’m convinced that teaching and I were made for each other.

Matt Wang '16

After finishing student teaching, I've been teaching at Hope Academy, a small Christian private school (grades 5-8) in Greensboro NC. It is in a "suburban" neighborhood, but it is a socio-economically disadvantaged part of the city and >80% of our students come from families at or below the poverty line.

I teach "Math 1" (mostly intro to Algebra 1) with 8th graders, co-teach 7th grade math, and help run a "Makerspace" elective where students do exploration-based activities and projects.

Victoria Su '15

After completing Teacher Prep in spring 2017, I began by teaching 8th grade and 10th grade Honors English at The King's Academy, which is a private Christian school in Sunnyvale, CA (suburban).

Matthew Smith '16

A few days after graduating from TPP in June 2017, I was able to attend my 8th graders' graduation at St. Paul's School in Princeton, where I student-taught. It was great to celebrate that moment with them and wish them well as they move on to high school. Then, 3 days after that, I began teaching at the Get the Edge summer camp run by the high school I attended, where I also am now employed as a math teacher.


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