Sarah Betancourt '20

If you are considering enrolling in TPP, you should know that it will require you to invest a significant amount of your time, energy, and self. However, the investment is well worth it, and the growth that this program allows you to experience is priceless. I would advise approaching TPP with an open mind, a can-do attitude, and an excitement to grow, and would strongly encourage any aspiring educator to jump in!

One of the best parts of my experience in Teacher Prep was the genuine support and care that the entire faculty and staff extended to us as students at all times. Finishing college and student teaching through the start of a pandemic was certainly a challenge, but the tenacity and encouragement of the faculty - as well as the camaraderie of my TPP peers - made the experience a fruitful and decidedly positive one.

I currently teach upper-level French to students in grades 10-12 at Hillsborough HS in Hillsborough, NJ. I absolutely cherish the opportunity to get to know my students and watch them grow and shine. Additionally, I am motivated by the creativity that teaching requires and the collaboration that teachers get to engage in in order to find new solutions and better serve our students. I enjoy browsing for the best authentic Francophone resources I can find in order to bring language and culture into my classroom and am always excited when I find something that engages my students in real-world language use.

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