Sara Colón '06

Since graduating from TPP in the Fall of 2006, I have continued to work in schools in various capacities, mostly in student support, operations and leadership roles.  

After teaching high school English for a semester in Rancocas Valley spring 2007, I moved to Boston, MA for an AmeriCorps program at the Match Charter Public High School supporting urban students in English Language Arts, Math, U.S. History, and SAT prep, and teaching a small Spanish class.  That service year turned into an opportunity to help found Match’s middle school, where from 2007 to 2013, I worked in various leadership roles with school operations, student discipline and managing the eager new educators in the tutoring program.  I continued to work with Match’s middle and high school students in a volunteer mentor and college counseling capacity when I moved into a tutor recruiting role from 2013 to 2015.

Currently, I am completing a master’s degree in education at Harvard that will enable me to work as a high school counselor focusing on college and career access, and interning at Boston middle school that serves mostly Hispanic and Cape Verdean English Language Learners, allowing me to use my Spanish skills regularly with students and families. After I finish my degree and school counseling licensure program, I plan to continue working in charter, pilot and traditional district public schools in Boston to improve the post-secondary readiness and persistence of a predominantly first-generation college-bound student population. 

Although I chose not to remain in the classroom after TPP, my student teaching experience at Trenton Central High School put me on a lifelong course of working towards social justice by being an educator in communities that are predominantly of color and low-income, and my experiences in the classroom set me up for success in classroom guidance lessons in ways my peers in this program are not.

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