Roger Ladd '92

Teachers need thick skins, and a good sense of humor.

I went straight to graduate school after finishing TPP, and since then have taught at the university level. Since I arrived at my current position, about fifteen years ago, I've moved over more from straight English to English Education.  I am currently the Director of Graduate English Education since 2006; that includes overseeing MAT program interns, handling curriculum development, and acting as primary advisor. That position puts me on the university's Teacher Education Committee, where I have served on the Assessment and Policy Review subcommittee, and spent some time as Accreditation Director during an NCATE cycle.

As a teacher educator now, it has been very valuable to have had the experience (unpleasant as it was at the time) of being sent home from a field observation over the school's dress code. I learned a lot from how the program (especially Prof. Walizer) reacted to the incident, and have been able to use it to remind colleagues that it's not always the student's fault when something goes wrong in a field placement. I also just loved working with Marue Walizer and Ruth Wilson, who are wonderful people.