Julie Raynor '75

Through the Teacher Prep program, I became certified to teach high school English, but did not pursue teaching as a career. In the 6 years immediately after graduating from Princeton and TPP, I earned an EdM from Harvard, worked at Harvard University in academic planning, and then earned an MBA from Harvard Business School. For the next few decades, I worked for several businesses, including Newsday, a major New York newspaper.

Fifteen years ago, I founded the educational consulting firm Collegiate Gateway (an educational consulting firm that provides college and graduate admissions consulting, personality and interest assessments, and career counseling), and began a journey to reconnect with the joy I experienced working with high school students. I provide college and graduate school admissions consulting. One of the aspects of my work that I most enjoy is collaborating with teens on essays! We brainstorm essays for the college application, and I work closely with students on the edit process in order to help them express themselves as authentically as possible.

I credit the Teacher Prep program with fostering my love of working with teens to help empower and guide them!  I love people, and helping them achieve their educational and career goals. I love learning; my work allows me to meet with faculty at universities all over the country, and discuss leading-edge research in all fields of academia. I also have loved exploring higher education in other countries, and have visited many universities in England, Scotland, Canada, and Hong Kong.

My work also enables me to constantly deepen my learning about psychology and personality; I have become a Master Practitioner of the MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator) personality assessment, as well as the Strong Interest Inventory, for interests in academia and careers.