John Yi '03

John Yi 03'
During his time at Princeton, John majored in chemistry and was a member of the Teacher Preparation Program. Upon graduating in 2003, he went to graduate school at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and obtained his M.S. in chemistry. He returned to Princeton in the fall of 2004 to do his student teaching at a local high school, and in December 2004 he began teaching chemistry at Millburn High School in Millburn, New Jersey. Over the years he has served as a cross country and track coach as well as a coach for the school's academic quiz bowl and science bowl teams. In 2010, his position at Millburn changed to that of science department chairperson, where he now combines his teaching duties with various administrative and supervisory responsibilities.

John considers himself fortunate to work with fellow teachers and administrators who have played instrumental roles in his professional growth. The guidance and encouragement of these mentors have helped him to develop as an educator. He has learned that self-reflection is critically important in the profession and that teachers must be willing to seek feedback from others in order to grow and develop. Furthermore, Teacher Prep has aided John in examining his own practice. He has collaborated with the program as a science consultant for a standards-based project and as a participant in a webinar dealing with how to best prepare for supervisor observations.
John loves that teaching provides the opportunity for individuals to influence the lives of youngsters in positive and meaningful ways. He feels incredibly blessed and is truly thankful for his own educational experience. He is grateful for the investment that others have made in him, and his hope is that he is able to "pay it forward" through working with high school students. He maintains his passion for teaching chemistry and helping students discover the importance of science in their lives. He still believes that he has the best job in the world, and he wakes up every morning excited about the school day ahead!