Education Policy & Government

Education Policy & Government

Regis Pecos '77

In 1977, fully armed with my teaching certificate from Princeton University, I applied for a social studies teaching position at The Santa Fe Indian School. I was interviewed by a non-Indian administrator and was told, "get some experience and come back in a few years." Devastated, I walked away never attempting to apply again. In 1984, seven years later, I became the Chairman of the Santa Fe Indian School Board of Trustees, a position I held for 15 years.

Jen Jennings '00

Jennifer Jennings, '00, is the Director of the Education Research Section (ERS) and a Professor of Sociology and Public Affairs in the Woodrow Wilson School. Prior to joining the Princeton faculty in the summer of 2017, Dr. Jennings was an Associate Professor at New York University, where she had taught since 2011. Dr. Jennings was previously a postdoctoral fellow at Harvard, and earned her Ph.D. from Columbia University, and M.Phil. from the University of Cambridge.

Sam Yoon '91

Sam Yoon ’91, who came to the United States from South Korea at the age of 10 months, is the first Asian-American to run for elected office in Boston, Mass. In November 2005 he was elected at-large city councilor, charged with representing every neighborhood in a city of 600,000 people.

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