Dwight Davis '03

Teaching is my way to give back and empower students who have been disempowered by systemic injustice.

It was a tremendous honor to have the opportunity to meet both President Obama and Secretary Arne Duncan during the summer of 2014. During our discussion we talked about Ed. Policy, specifically, How do we keep great teachers in high needs schools?

It was a very powerful discussion that illustrated both the President and Secretary’s concern and deep understandings of education and educational policy.

Teaching is my way to give back and empower students who have been disempowered by systemic injustice. One of the greatest lessons that I have learned is that leveraging relationships can make a major in the life of a student and his/ her family.

Since completing my course work at Princeton Theological Seminary and University with the Teacher Preparation Program I have been very busy. During my final year of study I pastored a church and planned a wedding with my wife. A few months after graduating from Princeton Seminary we moved to Europe- London England. I played professional basketball there for a season with the Knottingham Knights before formally beginning my teacher career in Washington, DC.

Upon returning to Washington DC I began my work within the District of Columbia Public Schools (DCPS). I teach 5th grade English Language Arts and Social Studies at Wheatley Education Campus located in Trinidad NE Washington, DC. I am also a coach. I coach teachers of reading/ ELA in grades 3-5. I have also served as a teacher lead. This academic school year, I will be taking on the role as assistant principal at Wheatley Education Campus.

I have been teaching for 10 years now. What keeps me passionate and motivated are the relationships with my students, their families, and the community in which I serve.

I did have the district privilege of working with the PUPP program while at Princeton. It was a wonderfully powerful experience working with the students from the surrounding areas. My experience with PUPP and TPP really helped prepare me for the rigors of teaching within the inner city of Washington, DC.

I remember one meeting I had with Dr. Webb while I was preparing to teach with Teacher Prep. Dr. Webb was a great man who really cared about education. In this particular meeting we were discussing the use and necessity of rubrics. I hated this particular session. One of the reasons for my disdain was that the creation of a rubric didn’t come a naturally as I would have liked. Nonetheless, Dr. Webb was very patient. We probably sat together for about 1.5 hours. I was frustrated and he was frustrated. To this day, rubrics are a very important part of the way I and my students assess themselves and their work.

Dwight Davis was a Seminary Student who completed Teacher Prep in the Fall of 2003 and he has been teaching in Washington D.C. for the past nine years.   He was recently one of four teachers invited to the White House to have lunch with President Obama and Arne Duncan to talk about education policy!

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