Colleen Kent '11

Colleen Kent

Colleen feels a deep sense of gratitude to the Teacher Preparation Program for helping her start a path to a career she loves. During summer 2010, Colleen worked as the education intern for the Princeton University Art Museum, which entailed working with the PUPP program part time. Working with PUPP scholars as they explored artistic pursuits was one of the most rewarding opportunities Colleen had experienced and helped to confirm her love for working with young people. Colleen was fortunate enough to continue to work with PUPP the following summer as a teaching assistant for the senior cohort and working with this talented group of young scholars served as a fantastic preparation for student teaching. Her student teaching semester was completed at Montgomery High School under the kind and supportive guidance of Bonnie Lieu, a fellow TPP alumna. Student teaching was a transformative experience and Colleen left MHS with a true love and passion for the classroom. After spending the spring tutoring and serving as a substitute teacher, she travelled to Dorset, England where she was one of two Princeton Fellows at Sherborne School, an all-boys boarding school. At Sherborne, Colleen taught history and English to a range of ages and abilities and enthusiastically embraced the boarding school culture. She returned to the United States during summer 2013 and began teaching at Princeton Day School, a private pre-K through 12 day school near Princeton, where she teaches 9th grade World Studies and 10th grade American History. Colleen has carried spirit of collaboration and dedication to interdisciplinary learning fostered by TPP into this new position, helped in part by her colleague and TPP alumna Lauren Ledley. This summer Colleen will participate in TPP’s alumni internship program at Mpala Research Centre and Wildlife Foundation and begin the new challenge of curriculum development. Looking forward, Colleen has been incredibly influenced by her conversations with TPP staff and TPP sponsored events regarding education policy and reform, which she hopes to pursue later in her career.

Colleen loves working in the classroom and is fuelled by the daily challenges. Teaching has taught her to be flexible, to expect the unexpected and to always have a back-up plan…or three. She feels incredibly lucky to have been supported by her wonderful mentors and teachers at TPP and indebted to the program for helping find her passion.

She completed work with the Mpala Live Curriculum and visited Kenya in the summer of 2014. Fall of 2014 Colleen began teaching Social Studies at the Pingry School in New Jersey.