Betsy Kalber Baglio '96

Rebecca Nyquist '09

Upon her graduation from Princeton, where she completed the Teacher Prep program and obtained teaching certification in Social Studies and the Elementary grades as an undergraduate, Betsy Kalber Baglio '96 taught 6th grade in Westport, Connecticut and 5th grade in Hopkinton, Massachusetts.  Betsy then worked as Director of Professional Development for The Education Cooperative (TEC), an educational collaborative outside of Boston, and received her Masters from the Harvard Graduate School of Education, where she researched topics such as teacher leadership, the evaluation of professional development and the attraction and retention of high quality teachers. Betsy then worked as an K-12 professional developer, curriculum consultant and grant writer.

Now, Betsy and her family live less than a mile from Old Nassau. In 2018, she was elected to a second term on the Board of Education for the Princeton Public Schools, where she serves as the Chair of the Student Achievement Committee. Prior to joining the Board of Education, Betsy started the after school club program at Community Park Elementary School, advocated for the pilot launch of the Dual Language Immersion program at Community Park Elementary School, and was a member of the 2015 Princeton Public Schools’ Strategic Planning Steering Committee.

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