Annelise Bauer '94

I loved the early morning drives to East Amwell with Hunter Woodman (now Hutchinson) each day and being hugged by fourth grade students who still loved their teachers.

I have been working as an attorney, but my greatest experiences have been with education. I serve as an elected school board member in our district, I serve as a board member at a local independent high school, and I started a non-profit called Children for Change that has expanded to three school districts.

The experiences and education in child development that were a part of Teacher Prep and my work with Princeton Project ‘55 were foundations for my current work as Executive Director of Children for Change. The depth of learning about child development, the joy of children, the importance of caring for others, and the value of education, have been critical in framing my current work. Children for Change empowers youth to become global change-makers with the empathy, knowledge, and confidence to make a positive impact in their world. We hold weekly meetings, cultivate, curate, and contextualize volunteer opportunities for youth aged 5-14, teach philanthropy, provide opportunities for impactful advocacy, and create meaningful simulations.

Our student members keep me motivated and passionate about my work. Children innately want to help others and do good in the world, and we as a society tell them that other things - sports, musical instruments, academics - are more important. Our C4C members are unburdened by current policy, have incredible creativity, and make impactful change. They are inspiring and make me excited for a world in which they are thoughtful and engaged citizens.

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