Angela Bardes '10

Angela Bardes, '10
"If I can inspire at least one student a year to do his/her best in the face of incredible challenges, then I have made all the difference."
Pam McGowen '20
Alice Xu '20

After graduating from Princeton in 2010 with an A.B. in Comparative Literature, I spent a semester student teaching 11th and 12th grade English at Trenton High School West Campus in Trenton, NJ. Then I moved to Boston, MA to participate in the Boston Teacher Residency. During the 2011-2012 school year in Boston, I earned my Masters degree in Education along with three secondary teaching licenses - English, ESL, and Special Education - and completed a yearlong teaching residency in English language arts. I spent the summer of 2012 earning Level 1 certification in the Wilson Reading System while tutoring three elementary school students with severe reading disabilities.

I worked at Boston’s only technical vocational high school for two years (from 2012-2014) as an English as a Second Language teacher for students with special needs. Starting in September 2014, I will be teaching English at Millburn High School in Millburn, NJ.  I am currently an active member of the TPP Alumni Council, working to improve communication and collaboration between alumni and helping in recruitment efforts.

I became interested in teaching, and specifically in urban education, through work with the Princeton University Preparatory Program (PUPP) during the summers of 2008, 2009, and 2010. Working with PUPP and also in Trenton, NJ as a student teacher, showed me the reality of what students are offered in low-performing urban schools and the success that is possible for these students when they are provided the proper enrichment and support. In Boston, I got three years of firsthand experience in a troubled school system working with the students who struggle the most to succeed.  I am excited to return to NJ and see all the differences - both visible and invisible - between urban and suburban, low-achieving and high-achieving schools. I hope my experience in multiple settings will position me to continue working towards shrinking the gap in quality education and college access for disadvantaged students.

To read more about Angela's experience in urban education, please follow this link.