Andrew Lazarus '79

TPP is one of very few decisions I've made in life about which I have never had a second thought.

I've had a somewhat scattered career.  I've been a teacher for approximately 14 of the 40 years since college, teaching Math & Computer Science in HS, college, and to professionals.  After two not especially successful years as a HS math teacher, I enrolled in a math Ph.D. program. I was a T/A for most of that, often remedial classes to underprepared first-year students. Won two awards. Three years of non-tenure-track college teaching, hit a bad job market, and that was that. Moved over to software engineering, including two years overseas training new hires at a large transnational telecom company. I'm currently managing a group of software engineers at a mid-size telecom company, and mentoring the less senior programmers is the best part of the job.