STEM Resources

STEM Resources

Recommended by Kate Miller

  • University of Colorado Phet simulations for physics students. Simulations include topics such as Alpha Decay, Circuits, Lasers, Magnets, and the Solar System.

Recommended by Kathy Chesmel, Ph. D. - Princeton University Distinguished Secondary School Teacher award honoree

  • Engineering, Go For It!, an interactive website designed for students and teachers K-12, for fun project ideas and to teach students about the world of engineering.

  • Articles on HowStuffWorks as sources of information and topics to help students begin projects.

  • ck-12, an online resource which provides free STEM content such as textbooks, quizzes, and videos.

  • The National Science Teachers Association for its reliable reference material and help with classroom and lesson ideas.

  • Scientific American as a source of current events relating to STEM topics, and to provide students with a real-world application of classroom material.

  • as a classroom resource.

  • FRONTLINE by PBS as a source of online streaming video content for the classroom.

Recommended by Jeff King

Recommended by Matt DiDonato

  • The Physics Classroom, which provides online instructional content, multimedia physics studios, and guided practice with physics word problems.

  • Pretty Good Physics as a source of labs for first-year high school physics to AP level physics, and other physics-based classroom materials.

  • 123physics, which provides review questions, lessons, and videos for high school physics teachers and students.

  •, an online source of science news.

  • Discovery News: Space, a source of news about discoveries and current events relating to space.

  • Astronomy Picture of the Day, which provides a different picture of the universe every day, with a description written by a professional astronomer.

Recommended by John Yi

  • BozemanScience, a website run by science teacher Paul Andersen, who has provided hundreds of science videos for students and teachers.

  • The New Jersey Department of Education’s webpage for Curriculum and Instruction in Science, which provides a list of teacher resources for classroom science curriculum and standards.

  • WebElements, which provides an online interactive version of the Periodic Table of Elements with links to information about each element.

Recommended by Brent Ferguson

Recommended by Anne Catena

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