Director's Welcome

Fifty-six years ago, the University faculty approved the Program in Teacher Preparation because faculty members felt that the University was not living up to its commitment to service without providing the opportunity for Princeton students to enter the field of education. After five decades, and 1,118 program graduates, our talented staff are committed to supporting any undergraduate, graduate student, and alumni who want to deepen their understanding of the teaching and learning process.

The program offers three levels, which aim to meet students’ interests in and commitment to education.  The Introductory Level is open to any student who seeks to learn more about instruction, the learning process, and the nation’s educational system. The introductory courses, PSY 307 and TPP 301, are open to any student at the University. The Certificate Level is designed for students who wish to earn an academic credential in education, but are not interested in becoming a licensed public school teacher. The Certificate Level has been popular with a wide range of students including those interested in education policy, teaching in independent or international schools, or working in educational nonprofits.  The State License Level provides students the opportunity to earn the New Jersey Certificate of Eligibility with Advanced Standing, the state’s initial teaching license, which is good for life and is transferable to other states. Our Urban Specialization allows students at all levels to tailor their coursework and school placements to focus on urban education.

The Teacher Prep staff are highly accomplished educators and scholars who are dedicated to our students and value providing individualized attention. Numerous colleagues from our surrounding school systems provide an additional level of expertise and instruction to our students. Every Teacher Prep program course has a school-based component, allowing students to engage with youth in schools and continually observe the intersection of theory and practice in classroom settings.

The nation always has a great need for talented people to enter the field of education and become agents for positive change. Whether you want to become a teacher, work as a policy maker, enter graduate school in an education related area, or are just interested in learning more about the field of education, Teacher Prep is here to work with you and help you reach your goals.