Time Travel 101 Collections

"I loved the 18th century deeds, 15th and 16th century handwritten manuscripts and the Japanese WWII propaganda, particularly the sugoroku... I'm very excited about using the kits at school! I love the idea of showing a group of students actual historical documents to discuss/stimulate their reaction to a subject/area of study."

Welcome to Time Travel 101, the program that puts primary resources directly in the hands of your teachers and students!

Teachers as Scholars member schools, Teacher Prep alumni, Teacher Prep Cooperating Teachers, as well as public school teachers in Hunterdon, Mercer, Middlesex and Somerset counties may borrow Time Travel 101 artifact cases.  For a list of Teacher as Scholars current members please click here.

There are five available cases:

  1. Illuminate me: Students are invited to examine and compare 15th century manuscript pages to better understand how books were created, and used, in the Middle Ages.
  2. Show me the money: Beginning with a Colonial New Jersey pound note and ending with a 21st century dollar bill, this timeline of monetary artifacts demonstrates how NJ was colonized, grew, and nationalized.
  3. Selling, selling, sold!: From Carter's Iron Pills toJ.L. Weber's Carriages, learn about life in late 19th-century New Jersey by examining authentic period advertisements and colorful trade cards.
  4. Got anything to read?: Forget computer screens and cell phones...what would a kid in 19th-century New Jersey find to read around the house? You'll find the answer in these period publications and household objects. No batteries required.
  5. World War II NJ: Learn about wartime New Jersey by exploring items children encountered on the WWII home front. Ration coupons, advertisements, a draft letter, and a child's gas mask are just a few of the artifacts to explore.

Please click here to find curriculums and printable digital images for all the materials in our Time Travel 101 lending collections.

Time Travel 101 artifact cases can be reserved one at a time for one week by an individual teacher.  Cases are to be picked up at the Program for Teacher Preparation office on the Princeton University campus (41 William Street, Princeton, NJ) during regular business hours and do require the teacher on the reservation offer a credit card number during pick up (please see Time Travel 101 Loan Agreement.pdf). The artifact case must be returned to the same location on or before 4:15 p.m. Friday of the same week.

The teacher who makes the original reservation is responsible for, and is the only person who can both pick up and drop off, the artifact case.  That teacher is also required to complete and sign a Time Travel 101 Loan Agreement.pdf when picking up the case/kit.


1. Click on Book Appointment.

2. Click on "Time Travel 101 Collections."

3. Select the title of the artifact case of your choice. Descriptions of the cases are shown in dropdown boxes when your cursor hovers over the case title.

4. On the calendar, click on the Monday of the week you want to reserve the artifact case. The cases are only available to reserve on Mondays. Select the 11:45 pm time and follow the prompts to provide the necessary information to reserve the artifact case. If the message "No Slots Available" appears, it is already reserved for the week.

NOTE: Teachers do not need to pick up the artifact case on Monday. You are welcome to pick it up at the Program for Teacher Preparation office anytime during regular business hours the week you have your reservation. Please indicate when you will be picking up the case in the "Additional Information" section on the reservation page. Remember that the artifact case MUST be returned no later than 4:15pm Friday of the same week to ensure the case is available for the next reservation.

5. Create a new profile and click reserve.

Questions? Send a note to timetravel101@princeton.edu.