Teachers as Scholars Registration Form

This application should only be filled out by teachers who have been approved to attend Teachers as Scholars and/or Administrators as Scholars by their school or school district representative. 

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  • The Online Registration Form deadline for Teacher as Scholars AND Administrators as Scholars is October 15, 2021.
  • All attendees are required to complete ONLY Section 2 of the Sponsored Visitor Request Form and upload it below

Seminar dates and descriptions are provided here.

Seminar Information
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Seminar logistics and reading materials will be sent to the address provided
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COVID-19 Vaccination Report
Following University Protocols, Teachers as Scholars will require all participants to complete Section Two of the Sponsored Visitor Request Form (found above) prior to attending their registered seminar. All attendees are encouraged to take steps they feel appropriate to protect themselves, like choosing to wear a mask at the event. Non-vaccinated persons are expected to wear a face covering when inside a campus building. Attendees should be made aware that social distancing may not be possible for them depending on the event location.
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