Teachers as Scholars

Prof. Stan Katz is speaking to his TAS participants during the pandemic.
Michael Littman is showing participants how to use a 3D printer
Participants of Dr. Steinberg's seminar sitting around the table in a discussion.
Dr. Jesse Farmer demonstrating his "Sea for Projection" slide.

Teachers as Scholars (TAS) and Administrators as Scholars (AAS) is a partnership between Princeton University and surrounding schools and districts formed with the objective of providing scholarly and intellectually engaging opportunities for teachers and administrators. Seminars are taught by faculty and staff from Princeton University and span a wide range of topics and subject areas. Each seminar is open to teachers from any grade level or content area as well as district/school-based administrators. Seminars are intended to promote life-long learning for K-12 teachers and administrators. Specific dates and topic descriptions are provided on the seminars page and in the downloadable TAS Brochure 2023-2024.

Seminars meet from 9:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. However, this format may be subject to change. Schools generously provide release time for the teachers on seminar days. In preparation for each seminar, participants are often asked to complete readings prior to the seminar, which are either e-mailed or mailed one month in advance.

Teachers as Scholars includes administrators and teachers at all grade levels and subject areas from our member schools/districts. Members attend our seminars at a reduced cost. Non-member districts and schools are invited to attend as space allows. The cost for attending a seminar per person is: $150 for a 1-day seminar, $300 for a 2-day seminar, and/or $75 for an AAS seminar. If you would like to become a member of Teachers as Scholars or need information about space availability, please contact Ashley Taylor Jaffee, Ph.D., or call 609-258-3336.

Time Travel 101 has made access to curriculum and printable images available online. Unfortunately, lending of Time Travel 101 kits has been suspended until further notice. Time Travel 101 was created by Princeton University’s Cotsen Children’s Library. This program introduces teachers and students to primary sources for use in their own classrooms. 

The Teachers as Scholars program began at Harvard University in 1996, and  has extended to include colleges and universities across the country. Now in its 25th year, the TAS program at Princeton University was originally launched with support from the Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation. Since 2001-02, TAS at Princeton has been sponsored jointly by area schools and districts working together with the Program in Teacher Preparation. The Program is registered as a Professional Development Provider for the State of New Jersey.

If you have any questions about Teachers as Scholars, please contact Ashley Taylor Jaffee, Ph.D., at [email protected] or at (609) 258-3336, or your School Contact Representative. We hope you find your experience with Teachers as Scholars valuable and rewarding, and we look forward to your participation.