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Teacher Preparation

Teacher Prep prepares Princeton undergraduate and graduate students, as well as returning alumni for careers in teaching and other education related fields!
Teacher Prep Welcomes Students Back!

News - 2021

Thank you Anne Catena for your dedicated service to Teacher Prep!

All of us at the Program in Teacher Preparation are so fortunate to have worked with Anne Catena for the past twenty years.  Astronaut and teacher Christa McAuliffe described the impact of great teaching so elegantly when she said, “I touch the future. I teach.”  Anne has been touching the future for…

Fall 2021 Student Teachers

Teacher Prep is excited to have the following 3 full time student teachers back in the classroom this semester (pictured from left to right):

Matt Janson '00 is teaching English in East Brunswick High School Emma Claire Jones '18 is teaching Social Studies in Princeton High School Brian Foster '21 is teaching Chemistry in New…
Princeton Prize for Distinguished Secondary School Teaching 2022 nominations process are now open!

Each year since 1959, Princeton University has honored at its Commencement four outstanding New Jersey teachers from public and independent schools for their contributions to the lives of the state’s secondary school students and to their school communities.  Through the generosity of an anonymous alumnus, each of the Princeton Prize for…

headshot of Brian Foster

Events - 2021

There are no upcoming events at this time.