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Teacher Prep prepares Princeton undergraduate and graduate students, as well as returning alumni for careers in teaching and other education related fields!
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The Solar Eclipse 2024 at TPP

TPP 403 Profs. Jaffee & Monaghan brought students outside for some experiential learning during seminar to capitalize on the solar eclipse as a "global phenomenon" across generations. The class session, “From Local to Global: Becoming an Equity-minded Global Competent Teacher” was guided by the following question, “Where could you…

Mining for the Climate- Administrators As Scholars

Register for Administrators as Scholars seminar, "Mining for the Climate: Voices of Justice," for an in-depth conversation with Dr. Nathaniel Otjen on Blue Lab's production, Mining for the Climate. This seminar locates the growth of domestic mining within the contexts of climate adaptation policies, green capitalism, and colonialism, and makes the case that climate justice must consider the communities impacted by mines.

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