Teacher Prep and Humboldt University Exchange

Teacher Prep and the Professional School of Education at Humboldt University have participated in an exchange program since 2014-15 for the purpose of enhancing participants’ intercultural understanding of schooling in the United States and Germany. The goal of the exchange program is to improve instructional practice and student learning through teachers’ enhanced appreciation of the influence of culture and society on education and schooling.

In September of 2014, 2015 and 2016 Humboldt University students who are learning to teach and faculty members visited American schools with Teacher Prep alumni. The Teacher Prep alumni hosts include:

During July 2015 some of these Teacher Prep alumni visited schools in Berlin, Germany and met with students and teacher to further their understanding of the education system.

Fall of 2014 the Humboldt participants and Teacher Prep alumni offered a discussion for local teachers and the at Princeton University community, as part of our  Conversations on American Education series. 140925_Talk Equity Access US Germany.pdf