The next iteration of "The Prison and the Academy" will take place on Thursday April 27th at 4.30pm in McCosh 28. This bi-annual event brings together a distinguished group of speakers with diverse experiences of teaching in detention facilities and expertise in research on mass incarceration to participate in an afternoon panel discussion.
Dani Roomes, PUPP Class of 2012, Bryn Mawr College Class of 2017 is the first PUPP Alum who has been awarded a Watson Fellowship from the Thomas J. Watson Foundation!
The Prison Teaching Initiative at Princeton is currently teaching 15 courses in New Jersey Department of Corrections prisons and six courses at Fort Dix Federal Correctional Institution. We do this with the support of 59 volunteer instructors and countless tutors who provide supplemental academic support at two local state prisons on Friday evenings. Nearly all of our instructors are graduate students or post-docs at Princeton University.
NEH Summer Institute for Teachers called Slavery in the Colonial North to be held July 9 to 14th, 2017 in the Hudson Valley, 45 minutes from New York City.  Dr. Jacqueline Simmons, Lecturer, Department of Curriculum & Teaching, Teachers College, Columbia University, will be directing the program along with history Prof. Leslie Harris from Northwestern and Prof. Heather Williams from UPenn.
Applications for the the U.S. Foundation Fellowship to the Sherborne School are now being accepted. Term date: September 2017 - July 2018. Salary is competitive and two return air fares for the year are included. All interested, recent graduates are encouraged to apply.  This year the School is looking for a specialist in one of the following areas: Art & Design, Mathematics or Music.