Matt Superdock '13

After finishing my student teaching January 2014, I joined a small team of passionate educators to work on a new education-related website called Expii (see expii.com).  I've worked mainly on creating concept maps of calculus and geometry, and on writing interactive explanations of topics within those subjects.  In June, I married my now-wife Allie, and we promptly moved to Durham, North Carolina, where begin fall 2014 teaching math at C. E. Jordan High School.

Freddie LaFemina '06

Starting fall 2014, I will be teaching Social Studies (9th grade World History and 10th grade US 1) at Ridgewood High School, a public school in Ridgewood, New Jersey. I am so excited to meet my students and guide them along on this brief but important part of their educational journey. As I began to do while a student in TPP, I will continue to foster a student-centered learning environment focused on building not just skills in research, analysis, and communication, but skills for all time: reason, compassion, reflection.

Alanna Phelan '04

Alanna Phelan ’04, a Phi Beta Kappa art and archaeology major, teaches fifth grade at the Village Elementary School in the West Windsor-Plainsboro Regional School District in New Jersey. She relishes the daily excitement of “seeing things start to click in a student’s head, having a student say, ‘Oh wow! I get it now!’” Fifth graders, she says, “have so much energy and optimism. They are very positive about school. And their thinking is sophisticated enough that you can have genuinely intellectual discussions.”

Laureen Duarte Guarriello '92

English major Laureen Duarte Guarriello’s first post-Princeton teaching job was in a San Antonio, Tex., high school.  Among her students were gang members, children of military families, and others—a population 90 percent of whom came from low-income families.  “Twenty-four of my boys had parole officers,” she recalls.  “I would not want to walk into a classroom without knowing what I was doing, feeling confident I could engage the students.”  Fortunately for Guarriello, and for her students, she had Program in Teacher Preparation experience behind her.

Colleen Kent '11

Colleen feels a deep sense of gratitude to the Teacher Preparation Program for helping her start a path to a career she loves. During summer 2010, Colleen worked as the education intern for the Princeton University Art Museum, which entailed working with the PUPP program part time. Working with PUPP scholars as they explored artistic pursuits was one of the most rewarding opportunities Colleen had experienced and helped to confirm her love for working with young people.

Jeff King '10

I am a chemistry and Chinese teacher at Camden County Technical Schools, a Title I public school that serves mostly students from Camden City, NJ. Only my students, however, know my true identity. 

Michael Buchman '73

Michael Buchman is a high school English teacher in New Brunswick, NJ for 11 years and has served on the Board of Education for Highland Park Schools in NJ .  He has earned a supervisor certificate, has taught at the college level and has worked in publishing and technology related careers.

In September of 2014 Michael hosted a teacher from Humboldt University in Berlin Germany.



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