Kanoa Mulling '15

Kanoa Mulling ’15 is currently teaching EFL and English literature classes at Payap University in Chiang Mai, Thailand through a Princeton in Asia fellowship. Now in his second term, he has enjoyed developing his own Modern American Literature, including a range of texts and authors. He also assists with spelling bees, poetry recitation competitions and other student activities. He will continue teaching at Payap through May 2018. In addition to classroom teaching, Kanoa also tutors SAT, SATII, ACT, and AP students in many subjects, focusing on math.

Kanoa enjoyed his student teaching experience in the fall of 2015. At Montgomery Township High School, he co-taught 11CP and 11AP English. In the following semester, he took on a leave replacement position, teaching 9CP and 11CP English. While at Montgomery, he particularly enjoyed helping students one-on-one during after-school help as well as joining the cast of the staff musical, The Wizard of Oz.

Princeton’s Teacher Prep Program allowed him to dive right into learning the practical sides of teaching. By maintaining a program of a few, dense courses, TPP students get to start applying their pedagogical knowledge in the classroom. And because the program is so intimate, he always felt that he had a number of professors, advisers, and classmates who knew him well enough to provide insight specific to his concerns. And to top it off, the program is just so friendly. In most other departments, he's encountered “snobs” of the field. But no education snobs here! It is a really warm community of educators with an abundance of grit and good will.

He knows education will always be a big part of his life. His family is made of a long line of educators. But he also has a great passion for theater. His dream is to one day teach some mix of Acting, Directing, and Public Speaking to upper-level high school or college students, but he is open to life pushing him in new, un-thought-of directions.