Emi Nakamura '13

My favorite memory of my time at Teacher Prep was when I conducted my final orchestra concert at West Windsor-Plainsboro High School North as my unit for student teaching. I composed a 10-minute rhapsody specifically for the orchestra to premiere, and it was a rewarding collaboration opportunity to not only practice my teaching skills but also to share my gift in music composition. Since graduating TPP, I spent the first summer (2014) in Seattle interning at the Seattle Children's Theatre as a music directing intern.

Fall 2014 I was employed full time at the Lewis School of Princeton. The Lewis School is a small private school specializing in serving students who have language-based learning differences such as dyslexia. The school itself is about 130 students ranging from Pre-K to Post Graduate levels. I am the primary music director and learning therapist at the school, and my job description includes teaching general music classes to all grade levels, teaching summer music electives, working with gifted and talented students, offering private instruction in violin, voice, piano, guitar, and songwriting, organizing the school choruses, and integrating a structured multisensory language-based pedagogy into the music curriculum after its absence for several years.

As an teaching artist, I see every lesson as a collaboration opportunity. I plan units with the expectations that both the students and I will reach to meet each other in the middle and create something that neither of us would have been able to do alone. I have many takeaway for my students, but after each unit or lesson I want them to learn the following:

     1. To feel capable of being an artist.

     2. To become aware of the complexities in new dimensions of music.

     3. To find the relevance of each facet of music in their own lives.

     4. Their experience is valid.

     5. They are brilliant.

For me, the bottom line is this: I love to perform. I love to create music. But most of all, I love sharing my love of these things with others.

Take a look at my professional web site is http://eminakamuramusic.com/