• Dr. Jason R. Klugman

    Director of PUPP, awarded 2015 John B. Muir Editor’s Award at NACAC.

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    Fall '15 Student Teachers!

  • Urban Teaching

    “Why are you teaching us? Why not a better school?” A reflection on urban teaching by Angela Bardes '10.

  • "Thanks to the support of Teacher Prep...

    I have embarked on a PIIRS Global Seminar in Thessaloniki, Greece. This is my first experience traveling abroad for an extended period of time, and interacting with the diverse peoples of Thessaloniki, especially in this time of economic difficulty, has helped me to better understand how to share and absorb knowledge within a foreign cultural context." - Joani Etskovitz '17

  • "I had very positive experiences in public school ...

    because of my teachers’ hard work. As I work with students during their development, I hope that I can play the same positive role in their lives that my teachers played in mine."- Gary Fox '13

Featured Alumni

As a science teacher, I strive to create classroom conditions in which the students can discover and think deeply about the reason the universe works the way it does.
Matthew DiDonato, '12
Science, Haddonfield Memorial High School


November 11, 2015
Interested in a career in education? Teacher Prep will be conducting a workshop to discuss the...
November 09, 2015
St. Paul’s School (Concord, New Hampshire)) offers a summer internship program for juniors, seniors...
November 05, 2015
Wil van der Veen, director of the Science Education Institute at Raritan Valley Community College,...

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